Hobbitat’s Morning Glory

morning glory One of my favorite builders back east is Hobbitat. I really like the rustic feel and size of their little houses and cabins. Blue Moon Rising a vacation and retreat center has extensively used Hobbitat in their dwellings. Recently completing the Morning Glory. You can reserve and stay in this cabin if you choose. Here is what Blue Moon Rising says about the Morning Glory. It comes with:

  • 1 Queen Size Nook,1 Queen Size Loft
  • Open Kitchen – Mini Fridge, NuWave Cooktop
  • Full Bathroom w. Shower
  • FREE WiFi

Morning Glory catches the first rays of sun from its wrap around porch bordering our conifer forest. The cedar shake exterior contrast sharply with the dark walnut flooring of the main room. A bump out for the kitchen and a queen size sleeping nook exaggerate the clever use of space, this combined with a vaulted ceiling add to the open feel of the layout. A second queen sleeping area is located above the bathroom. The back area features a communal fire pit with ample seating and opportunity to get to know your neighbors. Unlike its namesake this cabin’s beauty shines regardless of the season or time of day. For more pictures and information check out Blue Moon Rising website here. For more information on Hobbitat click here. Continue reading

Oak Timber Framed House in Devon, England

“This beautiful home in Devon, England called Seagull House, was traditionally framed in oak. It was converted from a barn in 1987 and designed by architect Roderick James who founded Carpenter Oak, where you can see more pictures of the oak-framed house. A traditionally framed building like this can last for 500+ years or more.”
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A quote from The Shelter Blog, posted by Evan Kahn.

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Be-Fun Design’s Take on Apartment Blocks

Set in the Ehime Prefecture of Japan, this building features several “apartments” that have their living spaces stacked vertically as opposed to horizontally. Designed by the Japanese architecture firm, Be-Fun Design, each dwelling has a total usable floor space of 47 square meters (506 square feet).Unlike traditional apartment blocks which feature shared staircases, every dwelling has its own 9 meter (30 feet) tall spiral staircase that provides access to each of the rooms. The steel staircases feature open treads and side rails, allowing the heavily glazed front façade to provide light to the livings spaces beyond it.

A quote from Humble Homes, posted by Niall Burke.

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