Life on a Small 50-year-old Wooden Boat


Dear Lloyd,
I made a short documentary about a friend of mine who lives on a small 50-year-old boat and is one of, if not the happiest, person in my life. The movie is short but I think honest and hopefully a little inspiring. The movie has been touring film festivals but just yesterday I was able to upload it online and make it available to the world for free.
–Kevin Fraser

A quote from The Shelter Blog, posted by Lloyd Kahn.

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Tiny Home Estimation App

With 14 titles all rolling off the shelves at brick and mortar bookstores and online retailers like Barnes and Noble and Amazon, somehow author Jobe Leonard still wanted more. This time he digitized the estimation process for construction of Tiny Homes.“I have always lived in a tiny home and preached the benefits both financial and mental,” says Jobe. “Most people who see a tiny home immediately want one.

A quote from Tiny House Blog, posted by Kent Griswold.

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