The Tiniest of Tiny Houses is Built on a Tricycle

“By combining transportation, storage, and lodging into a single pedal-powered unit, a Dutch designer’s Housetrike may be a possible solution for the homeless, the nomadic, or maybe even the touring cyclist. The prototype of the Woonfiets (living bike, or Housetrike) was designed and built by Bas Sprakel, a way of solving some of the pressing problems for people living on the streets, by providing a secure place to store their belongings, while also expanding to become a safe shelter at night…”
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A quote from The Shelter Blog, posted by Evan Kahn.

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Mother Earth News Faire in Pennsylvania

Some random pics from the Faire yesterday. It’s an absolutely wonderful event. I’m finding a ton of interesting things here. For anyone interested in building, farming, homesteading, doing stuff for selves, there are countless items, ideas, demonstrations, lots of speakers on a variety of subjects.

A quote from Lloyd's Blog, posted by Lloyd Kahn.

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