Hundredfold Cottage

Affordable Vacation Cabin in Bucks County, Eastern Pennsylvania.
After several years in an eighth floor apartment in Hong Kong, I bought this vacation cabin as a way of relaxing from urban stress during a year’s sabbatical. Although it is located in the Pennsylvania woods, the cabin is easy to access from both the Philadelphia area (via the PA Turnpike NE extension) and NYC (via I-78). After my sabbatical, I was assigned to Rhode Island and have decided it is too far away to enjoy as often as I would like.

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Elevated Toda House in Hiroshima Features Views of the Sea

The Toda House by Japanese architect Kimihiko Okada is one of the most interesting Japanese houses I’ve ever seen. The entire house is raised off of ground level on steel columns, and wraps around itself while also increasing in height.The house is set in a residential area of Hiroshima. It features views both of the Inland Sea, and the forested mountain which it backs on to.

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