How I Claimed My Financial Freedom And You Can Too

At the start of 2008 I was living in Brooklyn, NY (after a stint abroad in Paris, Edinburgh, and London) running customer service and the overall online community for a now defunct startup tech company. I had a stake in the company so it was very personal to me, each small action. I had developed incredible relationships with some of our community members as our product relied very heavily on human interaction. I had shared photos with these folks.

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Tiny

If you’re on tiny house listings it is probably because you’re fascinated by the idea of downsizing your life and living in a tiny home. When you look at stories of people who have already made the move you will start to see a few patterns emerge. What steps did they take to make it happen in their lives? What steps do you need to take for your tiny home?
I suggest that there are six basic questions all tiny house people need to ask themselves before making the transition.

Who? How many people will be living in this tiny home.

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