Studio Space for Writing by CCS Architecture

These four small buildings are set on over 600 acres of rolling hills, woodlands and meadows in Woodside, CA. The standalone studio units are part of The Djerassi Resident Artists Program, which is designed to provide quiet accommodation for artists from around the world.The project is a memorial to Diane Middlebrook, a writer and teacher, and also the wife of the programs original founder, Carl Djerassi. While all manner of artists are welcome to stay in the studios, they were designed specifically with writers in mind.

A quote from Humble Homes, posted by Niall Burke.

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Jeff Dean’s Curved Rafters

Hello Lloyd,
Thanks for your great books. They have been an inspiration ever since I found my first copy of Shelter when it first came out. I  glance at your blog now and then and noticed the recent post about curved rafters. That is a nice looking barn roof.

A quote from The Shelter Blog, posted by Lew Lewandowski.

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