Uncle Mud’s Tiny Cob House

I built a cottage for the local suburban farm outside Cleveland Ohio. It took 2.5 of us and some weekend volunteers about three months to build. It is 200 square feet plus a bump-out window-bed and a 100-square-foot loft.

A quote from The Shelter Blog, posted by Lloyd Kahn.

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Jellyfish Barge – A Modular Greenhouse that Tackles Food Scarcity

This floating greenhouse, known as the Jellyfish Barge, has been designed by a team of architects and botanists in response to the feared future global food shortage. Studiomobile were primarily responsible for the design of the structure, which aims to produce food hydroponically, with a minimal carbon footprint.The greenhouse is constructed mostly from wood and makes use of recycled materials. The wooden base is set atop of 96 recycled plastic drums that allow it to float.

A quote from Humble Homes, posted by Niall Burke.

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