A Tiny House Village in a Parking Garage

“In an attempt to explore concepts for urban micro-living, students of the Savannah College of Art & Design’s Atlanta branch have built a temporary tiny house village inside the parking garage of their campus’s main building.
The students, together with professors and alumns, have designed and built three 135-square-foot “SCADpads” — fully equipped micro-dwellings that fit the size of a standard parking space. The pop-up parking garage village also contains communal open areas, such as a Groovebox community garden, a living room, and work spaces…”

A quote from The Shelter Blog, posted by Evan Kahn.

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Seelenkiste – A Flat Pack Retreat from Germany by Allergutendinge

From the creative minds of Matthias Prüger, Manuel Rauwolf and Ulrike Wetzel comes this rather ingenious tiny retreat. Called Seelenkiste, which translates as “Soul Box”, or “Spirit Shelter”, the retreat is designed to rejuvenate the occupants by providing a stress-free escape from day-to-day living.The trio are part of a small design studio called Allergutendinge, which creates a variety of dwellings and sculptures with a focus on sustainable building practices. Seelenkiste itself is a relatively simple timber frame structure in which sections can be prefabricated, flat-packed and transported to the owners site.

A quote from Humble Homes, posted by Niall Burke.

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