House Truck for English Artists

In Tiny Homes, we did two pages (pp. 190-191) on Rima Staines and her partner traveling all over the UK in a converted Bedford horse truck. This week we received the below email from Rima about her new project:
Dear Lloyd, I hope all is well and bubbling in the Shelter cauldron!

I loved the latest Tiny Homes book, and was glad to see some friends in there, great stuff!

I’m writing to let you know that after a few years living in a cottage, I am returning to life on wheels! This time my partner Tom and I are doing a big project-launch to make HEDGESPOKEN – A Vehicle for the Imagination — a traveling off-grid theatre/home built on the back of a 1960s Bedford RL auxiliary fire-service truck. I think you’d love it and would be so grateful if you wouldn’t mind sharing the link to our crowdfunder with your followers — there’s a great little film — http://youtu.

A quote from The Shelter Blog, posted by Lloyd Kahn.

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The Tiny House Movement Is Growing

“As a result of the bursting of the housing bubble, subprime mortgage crisis, world recession and growing concern about our national and personal debts, America is downsizing its houses, cars and lifestyles… Tiny houses on a nice lot may have greater appeal to many than manufactured house trailers or double wides located in trailer parks. While they’re at it, Americans need to downsize themselves. I read recently that the U.S.A. ranks number one in obesity, ahead of Mexico and Argentina. Tiny houses can help if the owners use the extra space in their yards to grow their own healthful food…”

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A Modern Home the Center of Tours, France

This modern house has been built in the center of the historic town of Tours, France. Created by the design studio Atelier 100architecture, the building is designed to blend in with the more traditional surroundings so as not to detract from them.The house features three floor levels, each with a 20 square meter (215 square feet) floor plan. According to the architect, it’s composed of a timber frame that was prefabricated, and then transported to the site in order to reduce costs and construction time frames.

A quote from Humble Homes, posted by Niall Burke.

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