Curved Roof Barn in Oregon/The Largest Bookstore in the World

Barns and BooksThere are buildings that have—for lack of a better word—a sweetness to them. Like a small abandoned cottage in an English field I once found, slowly disintegrating back into the soil from which all its materials came. Inside, I could feel the lives that had been lived there. Or the buildings of master carpenter Lloyd House.

A quote from Lloyd's Blog, posted by Lloyd Kahn.

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A Treehouse Retreat in the City – Urban Treehouse Berlin

The bustling city of Berlin isn’t the typical landscape in which you’d expect to find a treehouse, but The Urban Treehouse think it’s the perfect location for an unusual city break. Set in a quiet street lined with family houses, Urban Treehouse commissioned Baumraum to build a series of modern lofted retreats.According to the owners, the treehouses are an alternative to building a standard suburban house. Instead of cutting down the existing trees and greenery, they decided to work around them.

A quote from Humble Homes, posted by Niall Burke.

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