Tiny Homes, Big Dreams

“As Canada’s overpriced housing market continues to skyrocket out of reach for many families, increasing to an average house price of nearly $410,000 last week, more and more Canadians are looking for affordable housing solutions outside the box.
The tiny home movement, or “extreme downsizing,” is one such growing trend: small, compact homes typically less than 500 square feet that are designed for efficiency, sustainability, and maximal use of space…”
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Vila Hermina Replaces the Staircase with Ramps

This bright pink building may fool you into thinking it’s a bit of a ditz, but it actually contains a number of smart design features. Called the Vila Hermina, the house can be found in the Czech Republic, and was created by HSH Architekti.Despite its diminutive appearance, the house contains three floors which are all connected by a continuous ramp. The plays double duty in this house, where it serves as a means of going from one floor to the next, and also as a series of living spaces.

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