Tiny House Chat – Ryan’s Getting Started Guide

I posted a new episode this week which is my crash course on getting started in your journey to building and living in a tiny house.  For those of you with an iPhone, an Android or similar, you can subscribe to the podcast so they automatically download […].

A quote from The Tiny Life, posted by Ryan Mitchell.

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Tiny Homes as Big Answer for Solving Homeless Issues

“A tiny idea could be a big solution for helping Huntsville solve its homeless problem. During a Huntsville City Council work session on Wednesday, Nicki Beale, founder of Foundations for Tomorrow, gave a proposal for building small homes, less than 500 square feet, that could provide a safe, dry community for homeless people to replace tent cities, while also costing 68 percent less than building conventional housing shelters. A tiny home, usually built on a trailer, can be built for $5,000 to $10,000, she said, noting she has seen one tiny home community of 30 units built for $100,000. Foundations for Tomorrow will have a 3D model provided by Mind Gear ready next week and hopes to have its first tiny house built by Christmas…”
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A quote from The Shelter Blog, posted by Evan Kahn.

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