5 Things I’ve Learned from Watching Tiny House Nation

tiny house nation

In the same way that I like dogs, but am not a “dog person,” I admire people who make the drastic change to downsize into a tiny home even though I know it’s not for me. My family and I enjoy watching the tv show Tiny House Nation and I’ve learned some important lessons from the show that anyone can apply no matter the size of your home.

If you haven’t seen the show, here’s the setup: John, the host, and Zack, the builder guy, help people design, build and outfit a tiny home (under 500 square feet and usually much less) to live in. While Zack is off doing all the actual work (I jest, John, I jest.), John meets with the person, couple or family to learn more about them and what they need in their tiny house.

Here are five lessons the show has taught me:

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