A Kayak Trip, An Outrigger Canoe Trip to the Farrallon Islands, The Drake’s Bay Oyster Company, The Lunny Farm

Friday I took off early with my old kayak (a 12′ Scrambler sit-on-top) and drove up to Drake’s Bay Oyster Company, where I got ready to launch on a trip out to the mouth of Drake’s Estero. A big van pulled up with a couple of kayaks on top, and I started talking to the driver, Seth Harvey. Turns out Seth was taking out a couple of kayakers; he was also the chef of what sounds like a very fine restaurant in Forestville (California) — Backyard — that serves strictly local produce and meat…We started talking about paddling and he told me a guy named Chris Starbird has paddled a Huki super lightweight carbon fiber outrigger canoe from San Francisco out to the Farallon Islands and back in something like five hours. That’s a 64-mile round trip out in the open ocean!    I set out in my little kayak heading for the ocean (about 5 miles), and it moved along surprisingly well, not being a super slick expensive ocean kayak.

A quote from Lloyd's Blog, posted by Lloyd Kahn.

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