Are Tiny Houses the Next Big Thing?

tiny house Joe Everson

Joe Everson shows off custom shiplap walls and cedar shingles

Tiny living is not a new concept. People in many cultures around the world live in homes of less than 400 square feet. Americans used to, before success equaled a two-car garage and a walk-in closet.

Suburban sprawl has changed the Memphis landscape — farmland was subdivided, two-lane roads grew to six, cow pastures were replaced by strip malls. Growth is important to our city, but there are people who are rejecting the concept of “bigger, better, faster” commercialism. They want to take up less space. They want to economize possessions. They want to live in a tiny house.

A tiny house is a completely inhabitable unit of less than 400 square feet (some say 500), usually built on a trailer. Most have running water and electricity, made fully functional by being hooked up to a water hose and a 120-volt extension cord.

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