Building a gypsy wagon in Ukiah

Gypsy wagon

With lumber chain-sawed and milled from trees on her parents’ property; rough hewn, hand-adzed posts; hand-made, black oak dowels holding the Redwood timber frame together; and the help of her sweetheart, Zephyr Devon Quirk, and expertise of carpenter Robert Kurzfeld, Lucy Neely is building not-your-everyday tiny house on wheels.

“It’s not really a tiny house; it’s more of small mobile home or a gypsy wagon,” says Neely. “The tiny house movement doesn’t lend itself to alternative construction; it uses pretty conventional materials. All three of us are interested in unconventional materials and style.”

It is 24-by-8-feet, 270 square feet, including two lofts, a big one in back and a smaller one in front, and 2 1/2 rooms downstairs; when settled on Neely’s parents’ property south of the Bay Area, it will be completed with a full kitchen, a propane stove, no toilet, no electricity and room for Neely and Quirk’s piano.

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