Colorado town has big hopes for tiny houses

tiny house

It’s been years since the old high school football field in Walsenburg, Colorado, saw much action. There’s still an old score board and a boarded-up concession stand, but otherwise it’s just a big patch of dry weeds.

Soon though, it will be a neighborhood unlike almost any other in the country. Later this month, a developer will break ground on the first of 28 tiny houses planned on the three-acre lot.

Walsenburg Mayor James Eccher played football on the field back in the 1980s, and admits he was hesitant when the idea was broached. Would people really want to live in less than 500 square feet?

“I kind of went, ehhhh,” he said. “But you know, it might be a nice fit.”

Ultimately, he decided that more homeowners paying property taxes and utility bills can only be a good thing for his community.

“Long as they’re supporting the city, I have no problem with that,” Eccher said.

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