Couple Simplified Their Life By Moving Into A Tiny Home

couple tiny hose

For many people, the ultimate goal is to get away. Away from troubles at work, away from bills, or away from countless other difficulties ranging from the significant to the trivial.

What if you actually could get away from it all?

Robert Cole and Kelly Casthena have discovered how to get rid of the stress in their life, and their secret isn’t large, it’s tiny. Their tiny home sits at the end of an isolated, mile-long dirt road in Maine, providing the couple with all of the comforts of nature.

At only 500 square feet, many may consider their house too small to live in. But by living in a tiny home, Cole and Casthena are able to bring in some big savings. USA Today reports that solar panels provide electricity to their house, and a wood stove provides heat — so there are no heating or electric bills.

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