Folding Porch Tiny House Folly

folding porch tiny house

Handsomely constructed and is not to be confused with your standard “outdoor” building. The base is constructed on 6X6 pressure treated skids and 2 X 12 pressure treated outside bands. Pressure treated plywood incases the floor system of 2 X 6 #1 Southern yellow pine. 2 inches of foam is then installed and capped with 5/8 inch B/C plywood with 3 coats of porch paint applied. The floor can be left as is or covered by flooring of your choice.

Once the building is set, the porch can fold out with assembly only taking a few minutes. The roof can be lowered and locked down to protect and secure the building while not in use. This folly can be folded up and moved if the client would want to relocate it.

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