Hofmann Architecture Hits The Road

Hofmann and red rock

Four years after starting Hofmann Architecture, Matthew is hitting the road to start new ventures. Follow along on his journey.

You’re going on a road trip?

M: That’s right, I’m taking a 6-month trip with my girlfriend, Joanna, and our dog, Lilly. I have some exciting new endeavors that we’ll be pursuing on the road. The whole purpose is rooted in sharing knowledge of how Hofmann Architecture is creating sustainable small spaces, and discovering other people who are doing awesome things, design-wise, and highlighting their creativity. We’ll be telling stories we find compelling, plus a bunch of other cool stuff.

Does this mean you’re leaving Hofmann Architecture?

M: No, not at all. The purpose of this trip IS Hofmann Architecture. I’ll be working remotely, while learning about what others are doing around the US, and then sharing my knowledge. I have some other stuff in the works, and hope our followers will join us.

You’re taking an Airstream, right?

M: Surprisingly as it may be, I’m not taking an Airstream. I’ve taken an off the shelf, new, white box trailer, painted the whole thing black, and made some simple modifications. I wanted to see what other brands are like, a more common RV experience, so I can understand what’s coming off the market and what people are drawn to outside of vintage trailers. I wanted to live in what’s currently being sold in the RV industry so I can understand it and design more efficiently.

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