hOMe Tiny House Model Now In Full Production By EcoCabins

Eco Cabins

We were approached by Darin Zaruba last October right before Andrew gave his TEDx presentation in Colorado Springs (for an article about that click here). Since that time, we have forged a wonderful friendship and partnership with him and the team at EcoCabins (www.EcoCabins.com). We are excited to announce that after many months of co-designing, testing, re-engineering, multiple meetings; and phone calls, EcoCabins is now able to build not just one, but two hOMe models (24′ and 28′).

We are particularly excited about this partnership because we hear so often from people and families who want to live in a hOMe more than anything but don’t have the time to build their own. They are also limited in funds and can’t afford to pay a contractor to build them their dream hOMe (generally the price is $20,000 higher than having EcoCabins build one).

EcoCabins has generously offered to refund your money if you have already purchased hOMe plans from us. The entire amount will be applied toward your completed EcoCabins hOMe. So if you purchased our plans but are finding yourselves hitting a wall and unable to actually do the build, not to worry: your money wasn’t a waste!

Here are some of the FAQs we have received regarding this partnership:

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