How To Digitize Pictures: A Guide For Even The Worst Photo Hoarders

box of photos

Our downsizing journey was honestly so much easier and more enjoyable than I ever could have imagined it to be. Without too much effort we were able to get rid of approximately 95% of our worldly belongings. There was one impending task that filled me with dread though: what to do with nearly 10,000 printed photos. My father was a professional photographer and I was taught that photos are not only an art form but in many ways, sacred. So when I imagined myself getting rid of them, I wasn’t too confident that lightning wasn’t going to drop from the sky and jolt me.

One thing that I’ve learned about downsizing is that honesty with oneself is key. Yes, I knew that I really “should” get rid of the boxes of photos I’d dragged around for decades, but I made a deal with myself: if I realized that I just couldn’t go through downsizing my images for whatever reason, I would allow myself to keep whatever photos I wanted in hard copy. After all, I had joyfully and willingly gotten rid of pretty much everything else, so I figured I’d earned the “right” to hang on to three boxes. Giving myself this emergency exit before even starting allowed me to go into the process without any fear.

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