Is Mobile building a tiny house village for the homeless?

tiny house

Since Aug. 31, a meme claiming that Mobile “is building a tiny house village to end homelessness” has made the rounds on Facebook. The post encourages people to “Like and share if you want something like this in your town.”

Originally published by Dionne Mahaffey of Sandy Springs, Ga., the post was liked by more than 23,000 people and has been shared more than 127,000 times.

But Mobile isn’t getting a village of tiny houses anytime soon.

The photos used in Mahaffey’s post actually depict the micro-houses that are part of Community First! Village being built by Mobile Loaves & Fishes, an Austin, Texas-based social outreach ministry.

The Mobile Loaves & Fishes website describes Community First! as “a 27-acre master-planned project in East Austin designed to provide affordable, sustainable housing and support for Central Texans who have been chronically homeless.”

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