Keep on the Sunny Side

Sunnyside house

The Tiny House where Jake and Annelise reside (currently in Pennsylvania) is the result of months of designs and redesigns to figure out exactly what floor plan would best suit their needs as full-time dwellers.

Here are a few neat features to look for:

  • Kitchen: Jake and Annelise both cook and bake regularly, meaning the tiny kitchen needed to meet the needs of everyday use as well as special occasion foods. With prep space on either side of the sink, and slide-out cooktop and oven (a brilliant idea by Rich’s wife, Jeanne), there was space for two people to work simultaneously to prepare meals. This kitchen has produced numerous cakes, casseroles, pasta dishes, smoothies, and waffles!
  • Bed Loft: Our loft has enough headroom to comfortably sit in bed, and has windows on three sides so that every night feels like camping in a treehouse! We also turned the bed to face the side of the tiny house, rather than the traditional front-to-back placement, just to shake things up!
  • Bathroom: Since this is the area of the house with the least minutes per visit, Annelise and Jake decided to minimize the bathroom to the necessities: toilet and shower. Hand washing and teeth-brushing happen a few feet away at the kitchen sink (though they could easily also happen in the shower), and hair-combing and primping are done in the “hall” where the mirror is located.

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