Last chance “Tiny Texas Art Houses” : Last few to sell, no more orders

tiny texas house

Over the years we have rarely sold from a small stock of completed Tiny Texas Houses, so the waiting time was as much as 6 months to a year from start to finish.

From a private collection two will change stewardship if the right parents come along. Here are some options that are part of a very short term offer that may be over before the end of next week so do get in touch if you are seriously interested. We even have locations to keep them set up in, make you money when you can not use them, and guarantee you a buyback at the same price down the road if you wish. How good can it get?

Perhaps better, but this is the best we may ever offer.

As we no longer aim to “sell and ship” more houses, focusing instead on houses for the land in Salvage, Texas.

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