Live in A 186-Square-Foot Prefab, Flat-Pack Cabin?

model home

Who says simple living does not offer comfort? For the past generations, home designs have changed. While others favor luxurious abodes, some would still prefer to retain the good ole days of simple living.

an someone really live in a 186-square-foot prefabricated, flat-pack cabin? A question that may linger in anyone’s mind. The typical American home is around 2,600 square feet and a typical small or tiny house is around 100 to 400 square feet as stated in a report by Can this tiny home bring the comfort and rest as the day ends? It stands out that simple and tiny living is making progress in this generation.

According to report by, “The recent tiny house movement appeals to people because it is an economical, sustainable, and a minimal way to live.” Just because the 186-Square-Foot Prefab, Flat-Pack Cabin looks simple doesn’t mean that it cannot contain the essentials for enhanced living. According to a report by, “This cabin is solar-powered.”

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