Local Designers Hope to Inspire Yakima Residents to Join “Tiny House Movement”

tiny house

The tiny house experience is all about going “back to basics.”

“I was kind of the inspiration way back. I thought about building a tiny house for myself, to live tiny. I want to get rid of all the extra things I have in closets I haven’t used in 10 years,” said designer Darin Tusler.

By definition, a tiny house is less than 400 square feet. This 2015 build sits at 280 square feet. For being a tiny house, we quickly learned it’s pretty spacious. There’s enough room to fit a 36″ by 36″ shower and a full size bed. So why consider buying a tiny house?

“Their kids have grown up and moved on. Maybe they don’t have a $60,000-$80,000 a year job, so they can get a tiny house reasonably cheap,” said designer Andy Davis.

So how cheap? This particular unit goes for $54,000.

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