Look At These Adorable Tiny Homes On Wheels Called Housetrucks


It was the late ‘60s in Los Angeles and Roger Beck had what many people might consider a sweet deal. He was working as a prop maker at Warner Brothers Studios, a creative, union gig at a major studio in a city teeming with Hollywood hopefuls. But he was unhappy. His coworkers were unfriendly and domineering. He wanted freedom, he wanted to flee the “big city” and he wanted to do so in comfort. So he built a house on the back of a 1955 Mercury Montclair.

“I said, ‘North! To Canada!’ But of course it took me five years to get across the border,” says Beck. Thus launched an odyssey that lasted seven years and four progressively elaborate homes on wheels. Or, if you prefer, housetrucks.

It’s easier to say what a housetruck isn’t than what it is: It definitely is not a motorhome or any other commercially produced camper. When Beck moved into his housetruck, motorhomes—or what he describes as “monster, marathon, glitzy, whore house-looking buses”—didn’t exist.

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