Made In Texas: Tiny Texas Houses

tiny texas house

The houses Brad Kittel builds may be tiny, but they’re the product of big vision, pure salvage, and a fair amount of space magic.

We’ve been wanting to visit Tiny Texas Houses in Luling, Texas for some time now. In 2013, we tried to include them in our aggressive production schedule of Texas Works, but ultimately that schedule proved too aggressive, indeed.

Two summers later, we made it there. Still muddied by the June rains that flooded most of Texas, the property sits just off of Interstate 10 less than an hour east of San Antonio. If you’ve driven past, you’ve likely seen the large metal roof with Texas-sized letters, announcing the big things being made there: TINY TEXAS HOUSES.

Even if you’ve never driven through Luling, you’ve probably encountered a Tiny Texas House somewhere else. The tiny house movement can fairly still be called a recent one, but it can no longer be called new. By now, we’ve all seen the tv shows and coffee table books and Sunday edition newspaper articles. We’ve admired the photos of these cute little architectural marvels on Pinterest.

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