Moving Into a Shipping Container, but Staying Put

container home

Living in a shipping container? It’s not something Scott Crosby had imagined for his family of five.

But they’re about to have the experience this month when Mr. Crosby’s family moves from San Francisco to their former hometown, San Diego. They will be living in a small beach bungalow they own — three bedrooms and one bathroom packed into 1,100 square feet — which isn’t a lot of space for a couple with three young daughters.

That prospect led Mr. Crosby, 45, who started a software company that was bought by Google, to the shipping container. He was looking for an affordable way to add space to the house, which has a large backyard, when he saw a photo in a magazine of a small home made from a recycled shipping container. It was manufactured by Montainer (rhymes with container) in Missoula, Mont. “I thought that would be perfect for us,” said Mr. Crosby. “So I pulled the website up on my phone and ordered one. It was dead simple.”

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