Red Dirt Diaries: Tiny House On The Plains

small house

There’s an old saying that big things come in small packages. A metro couple has found house happiness with a state-of-the-art design and determination.
Karl Torp shows us the new trend in this week’s Red Dirt Diaries.

“We made the countertop and we got some stain and sanded it.”

Corey and Jill Hogue’s big reveal features design tips worthy of any home improvement store.

“This whole wall is recycled pallets. We added a sliding door we thought was pretty cool.”

All the necessities are here, so too is the extra space for the family members, both big and small.

“It’s just perfect for us!”

Perfect, just not too palatial.

“The layout is 12 by 24. It’s simple. It’s 280 square foot down here. The loft ads another 120 square foot.”

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