Saving Money for a Tiny House

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The biggest issue I have come across in the Tiny House Enthusiast Community is actually being able to afford one. Most tiny house fans are people like me: photographers, fireman, librarians, artists, and writers. In other words: people who don’t make six figures or people who have spread out income.

Most times I get portrait bookings everything comes at once and then business is dry for a few months. I have to be able to budget for the dry periods which can be hard. After you make a decent paycheck you want to go out and buy yourself a nice dinner to celebrate! Sometimes the dream seems so far off and it will take years for one person to save enough for a tiny house.

I have been dreaming of building a tiny house for a few years now and I finally decided it was time to get my rear in gear. Of course we all have obstacles….myself included. Some of us have kids or parents to support, some of us can barely put away $10 a week in savings. I just started a new business after moving to a new state and traffic into the store and online has been pretty weak. On top of that, there are student loans, car insurance, food and gas, health insurance, and utility bills. I consider myself extremely lucky that I do not have to pay a mortgage or rent right now.

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