Searsport homestead has few modern amenities but lots of comforts

tiny house

Erica Buswell stands in front of her house she shares with husband Scott Giroux on Sept. 14 in Searsport. They live in a simple, old-fashioned way on their piece of land where Giroux has built all the structures on the property.

Erica Buswell and Scott Giroux live miles away from busy Route 1, in a serene 2-acre clearing in the woods that is dotted with garden plots and small wooden buildings.

It’s not fancy — the married couple share a 240-square-foot house, an outhouse with a composting toilet and an open-air outdoors shower that they use from April to October. Their water comes from a spring, and solar panels on their tiny house provide just enough electricity to run a refrigerator, lights, their coffee grinder and a laptop computer.

But it is home, and it is exactly the way they want to live.

“We joke, but it’s true, that we have a very comfortable second world lifestyle,” Buswell, who works at the Maine Farmland Trust in Belfast, said recently while giving a tour of the homestead they call Co-Efficient Farm. “We just love it here, especially as it’s evolving.”

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