See How a Family of Four Live in a Tiny House

family of four

The Kasls are just like any other family-of-four. Kim and her husband Ryan are high school sweethearts, who live in Minnesota with their two kids, Sully, age 7, and Story, age 5. He works as a Special Education Coordinator, and she home schools. The only difference, is that the Kasl family lives in a tiny house that is just 267 square feet.

I asked Kim to tell me about their home. In an email to BabyCenter she said:

“The main floor has a little entry area with a small closet, a galley kitchen, bathroom, a few small seating areas and desks. Upstairs hosts a loft for myself and Ryan on one side and a kitty-catwalk that connects to the kids’ loft. The Tiny House is built on a flat-bed trailer so it has wheels and can be hitched up to the truck to be taken wherever we would like to live.”

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