Single mom rebuilds her life, including a tiny home

single mom and kids

When mom-of-three Kelley Lewis found herself suddenly single she decided to follow her passions: adventure, exploration, and nature. This trio, and a perfectly-timed opportunity to purchase a 1.3 acre lot on a lake, led to a new beginning that has proven to be perhaps even more exciting than she could have imagined.

How long has it been since the show filmed you all? What’s new since then?

Laura Ling came out back in June of 2015. It’s been interesting since then because since it aired back in July, I’ve been interviewed by AOL, Yahoo, other blogs, been contacted by different TV shows, and might even be on the Steve Harvey show in November.

With a lot of press, has also come a lot of opinions. I have a pretty thick skin, but wow, some people really like to lay into me with some brutally honest opinions. A lot of them make me laugh, but some have somewhat hurt my feelings. The Laura Ling interview was produced and edited in such a way to make it seem like we live in our tiny house full time, however if you you’d read the video description below, you’d see that the cabin is only a weekend retreat.

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