Steampunk Steamer Trunk

steampunk tiny house

Some say the Tiny House movement dates back to 1854 when Henry David Thoreau first described the economy and aesthetics of small home living in “Walden”.  But the movement didn’t gather much steam until 1998 with the publication of Sarah Susanka’s “The Not So Big House” – and itty bitty houses began to literally dot the landscape.  So when we heard about a tiny house in Hampton, NH – that was on wheels, that looked like a steamer trunk, that was made of recycled movie sets – we sent Sean Hurley to find out more.

Chloe Barcelou and Brandon Batchelder work together in the movie industry. A team of sorts. Chloe designs sets – and Brandon builds them. But work is hard to find and every new job means a move to a new place. For months at a time they live in hotel rooms. For a year they live in a 20 by 20 shed. All the while and since the moment they met, they’ve talked about building a house together. They don’t know exactly where, but they know exactly what – a tree house.

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