The Boxtruck Boyz

Boxtruck Boyz

Living in New York City, I was surrounded by the ideals of ownership, power, wealth, and change. You can find anything you want in this world, as long as you can pay the price. The one thing that isn’t in abundance here, yet costs you an arm and a leg is space. I was forced to work in very particular areas, where as an artist certain studios and companies flourished. However, to live in those areas was nearly impossible. I would have to live 45 to an hour away in order to pay an affordable rent.

One of the areas I worked in often was an industrial zone called Bushwick/East Williamsburg. Here I saw delivery trucks, big rigs, and commercial vehicles on a regular basis. The idea of building out one of these vehicles began to manifest more each day as I came to realize that some of them never moved, due to a law allowing commercial vehicles to forgo the parking laws. Therefore, I could build a house and leave it right outside my studio or workplace, and never worry about racking up fines. I also could take my home and move to another area at any moment, without breaking an leases or contracts. It was actual freedom, in a city that forces you to live inside a certain system.

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