The Tiny Project goes from Three to Two

tiny house

For those of you who may be newer to this site, here’s a brief history:

In 2013, I built the tiny house with my then-partner Anjali as a space designed specifically for us both to live… with our angel of a dog Anya, as well. After finishing building the house in Iowa, we then towed it over 2,000 miles to Northern California. We lived together in the house for nearly 1.5 years, during which we learned a tremendous amount about how to navigate living in a very small space, including: balancing each others’ needs for space & privacy, communication dynamics, organization & simplification, and more intensive way of respecting one another.

In the spring of 2015 we parted ways. Anjali went on to pursue the next phase of her education and life. She was disappointed to leave the home we had created together, but the separation was in support of the greater good for both of us. As we have shared with many of you in the tiny house community, the decision to part ways was not based on the inherent challenges of tiny house living, but on differing passions and goals that we had both been aware of for a long while. In fact, we both feel we “rocked it,” so to speak, in the tiny house together, even living harmoniously through the separation process. I continue to live in the house full-time with the dog, and we are having a great time … and are enjoying the additional space!

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