The Wall Bed Hut

wall bed hut

This flexible and practical style of hut was inspired by a very genuine need – it gives Jeannie and Dave somewhere to rest their heads after a hard day of showcasing their huts, as Jeannie explained…

“When we stay in the huts at shows, we find out what we would want in our very own hut. Believe it or not, we’re still waiting for one of our own!

“We found out that we wanted more day space to sit down but we didn’t want to have to put a bed together in the evening. The types of beds that can be put together from benches and tables are great for some people, but they weren’t for us.

“That’s where the wall bed came in. Just pull the handle and the bed appears, ready-made and waiting for a sleepy head. We’d seen wall beds used in small flats and student digs before. Teaming a wall bed with a shepherd hut really did the trick.

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