There’s a Seriously Stylish Tiny Home Behind That Green Door

tiny house

It all starts with a front door that’s the color of a Granny Smith apple — the bold accent sets the tone for this detail-oriented Tiny Heirloom masterpiece (dubbed The Emerald). Located in Portland, Oregon, the company builds custom-made small homes that suit each individual client’s lifestyle. Love entertaining? They’ll devote more space to the living room. Want a full en suite bathroom? You can bet they’ll give you a tub. But we have a hunch that this particular creation was made for someone who knows their way around the kitchen.

For starters, just check out those granite countertops. The galley layout also features a full sink, stove, oven, and a fridge that we think is probably bigger than most apartment appliances. Cabinets below the counters offer plentiful storage, while open shelving above keeps the kitchen open and breezy — and we love the idea of showing off fresh blooms from wherever gorgeous destination our home currently is on those delicate shelves.

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