This New Cafe Is Inside Of A Little Tiny House

Story Coffee Company

Don and Carissa Niemyer and partners Brandon and Kelly Noffsinger, in front of Story Coffee Company.

There’s something unusually prepossessing about Don and Carissa Niemyer, and it isn’t the clean living, the lure of many miles traveled, or the shock value of four people living happily in just 100 square feet for over three years now. It’s something about their level, clear gazes and obvious enthusiasm about coffee community. For almost a year, the coffee world followed the Niemyers around the United States on the “Rialta Tour” as they sipped, took notes, and made friends with baristas, roasters, and shop owners in their exhaustive research, and then—silence.

“I generally don’t tend to like telling people we’re doing something until we’re actually doing it,” says Don Niemyer by way of explanation, “but we’ve started to pull the curtain back because we’re looking for a location.” A location…for their Tiny House cafe.

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