Tiny homes draw big business at first ever jamboree

tiny house jamboree

Dramatic downsizing is becoming more popular these days, as people trade in the mortgage for what they call “freedom.” Tiny homes are classified as anything 500 square feet or smaller, and can be built by owners for anything from $9,000 to $30,000 or the homes can be purchased pre-made anywhere from the $20,000 and $30,000 range all the way up to six figures.

The business is growing here in Southern Colorado, which was evident at the first ever Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs this weekend.

“I like the simplicity personally,” said David Foster.

Foster and Venese Alcantar Medovich are planning to build a tiny home of their own.

“We’d like to be able to feel the comfort of our home, but pick up and leave when traveling is called for, we’d like to take our home with us,” said Medovich.

They came to the Tiny House Jamboree to get ideas.

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