Tiny house, big benefits: Freedom from a mortgage and stuff

Tiny house, big benefits

Renee and Greg Cantori of Pasadena, Maryland, own a light-filled 238-square-foot house with room for a queen-size bed in the loft. After they retire, they hope to live a “surf ‘n’ turf” lifestyle, splitting time between their boat and the tiny house.

America is having a big love affair with tiny houses. There are television shows: “Tiny House Nation” and “Tiny House Hunters.” There are movies: “Tiny: A Story About Living Small” and “Small Is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary.” Pinterest has more than 900 boards devoted to tiny houses, and design website Houzz showcases thousands of tiny-house photos.

“Many Houzz readers have been fascinated by the idea of a portable home they can pay off quickly and personalize down to the smallest detail,” said editor Sheila Schmitz. And you know a concept has arrived when “Portlandia” skewers it: Check out the “Microhouse” episode.

Why are Americans, whose homes average about 2,200 square feet, so obsessed with tiny homes? Perhaps they are responding to the benefits tiny-house owners cite: financial and emotional freedom, a greener lifestyle, the satisfaction of building one’s own refuge.

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