Tiny House Conference 2014 Kick Off

meeting fellow tiny housers and touring their wee homes in anticipation of the Tiny House Conference (photo credit: Chris Tack)
Tiny house lovers from across the country have descended upon Charlotte, NC this weekend for the Tiny House Conference. I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity to geek out about one of my favorite things! We will spend the next two days watching presentations (I’ll be speaking on Tiny House Building Basics later today), touring tiny houses, and mixing and mingling.
Speakers were invited to arrive yesterday evening so we could get acquainted with each other and the facility. It was great to finally meet some of the folks I’ve been following: Macy Miller of minimotives, Hari and Karl of Tiny House Family, Andrew Odom of Tiny (R)evolution, and, of course Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life.

A quote from This is the Little Life, posted by Lina Menard.

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