Tiny House Jamboree

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Why it took 40k+ to help me realize that I don’t need to be scared of people

As I’m sure that the majority of you know, the first (and hopefully not last) Tiny House Jamboree took place in Colorado Springs, CO this past weekend. For three days, a staggering amount of people made their way down the hill at the Mining Museum’s venue to hear the speakers, to have a chance to tour several tiny houses, and to learn from the vendors. People came from all 50 states. From over a dozen countries. From all walks of life. From all age brackets. And they came by the tens of thousands.

On Thursday night (the evening before the first day of the Jamboree), Andrew and I sat around with a couple dear tiny house friends and tried to project how many would actually attend the event. Sure, over 10,000 people had pre-registered, but come on, how many would ACTUALLY show up. We estimated 2/3 of the 10,000+. Imagine our surprise. No, “surprise” doesn’t do justice to what we experienced. Imagine our SHOCK when we heard that nearly 9,000 had attended in just the first DAY. Friday turned out to be the “slow” day while the next day brought about 18,000 and Sunday around 19,000-20,000.

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