Tiny house makes a big splash at the Ag Fair

tiny house ag

Less than an hour after the gates to the Ag Fair opened on Thursday morning, there was a growing line of people waiting to see the tiny house exhibit, a 144-square-foot dwelling on loan from owner Kathy Rose. Much to the surprise of the cadre of volunteers who manned the wee house over the next four days, the lines never stopped.

“I would say thousands came through,” Kathy Rose told The Times. “The first hour of the fair, we had over 100 people.”

“It was the hit of the fair,” Philippe Jordi, executive director of the Island Housing Trust (IHT) said. “We were blown away by the response.”

“We were swamped,” volunteer Mike Mitchell said. “People kept asking where they could buy one. If I were a salesman I could have sold 100 units.” Mr. Mitchell said almost all of the comments were positive. “Many elderly people said it was the ideal for them,” he said. “A single mother with a small child loved it and wanted to move in ASAP. One woman said it was too small for her, but she wanted to put one on her property for her son, in his 20s.”

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