Tiny house summit begs question: Where do you put it?

tiny house

They listened to panels discuss financing options and ways to work with changing municipal codes. They also saw the latest in small homes, transformer-style furniture and, finally, toured the sprawling outdoor display.

Many were charmed by the cozy atmosphere but unaware, say insiders, of the complications ahead

“I don’t really have a problem with it personally, and people at the summit here today are obviously supportive of it, but it’s actually not legal to live in a tiny house on wheels,” said Kol Peterson, owner of Accessory Dwelling Strategies, LLC.

Officials with Portland’s Bureau of Development Services confirmed a tiny home on wheels is classified as a recreational vehicle.

“Because they’re on wheels, they’re not regulated by the planning, zoning department,” said Peterson, who spoke at Friday’s summit. “So people are living on them on their properties, but it’s actually not legal to do that.”

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