Tiny houses are a big new trend

tiny house community

Two adults and four cats call 224 square feet home in Spring Valley. Trevor Gay and Mary Benasutti built the ecofriendly home on wheels with the help of family and friends for $33,000. It has a kitchen with full-sized appliances, a bedroom and a bathroom.

“Our couch is our guest bedroom and also our little mini movie theater and it’s pretty cozy and nice,” said Benasutti.
Their tiny house only takes about 20 minutes to clean and utilities cost around $40 a month so they don’t understand why other people would not want to give it a try.

“Tiny houses houses sort of spell out freedom pretty genuinely as far as financial freedom, time wealthy and things like that, and that’s what hooked us and I can’t imagine it not hooking thousands and thousands of other people as well,” Gay said.

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