Tiny Houses make a Big Impact in County

tiny house

Sometimes it takes a while for national trends to take hold in certain parts of the country. Beth Livingston, one of the developers at Coral Sands Point Recreational Village on High Rock Lake, said the tiny house movement is finally catching on in Davidson County, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

Coral Sands Point Recreational Village was established in 2008, with 37 waterfront lots for recreational model or “tiny” houses. Prior to 2015, only 17 of the lots measuring approximately 500 feet had been sold, and none in the last two years. But in the past nine months 15 lots have sold.

“During the economic recession, people were saving their money, and now the crisis has passed, and real estate is starting to improve,” Livingston said. “What has really helped us is #tinyhouse. Every post I put on the Internet, every post I make on Facebook, I make sure to use that hashtag. There are people who are out there looking for that term, and this may not be exactly what they were looking for, but it helps people to find us.”

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