Tiny houses prove size doesn’t matter

tiny house

Jeff Wilson no longer needs a potato masher or a cherry pitter. These kitchen junk drawer items are the casualties of an emerging new life — one that will soon involve living in a tiny 184-square-foot home constructed on a 20-foot trailer.

Wilson and Megan Masching, both long-time Cirque du Soleil managers, are more than half way finished with their future home. They’re happy with their growing cut-list that extends far beyond potato mashers and cherry pitters.

“I feel better as we get lighter,” Masching said of the thinning-out process she and Wilson are currently going through.

But the couple, along with other tiny house enthusiasts, asserts that while scaling back on belongings is part of the experience, there are plenty of other design, layout and everyday living takeaways from the tiny house movement that can be applied to any home.

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