Vancouver’s housing costs no problem for entrepreneur living in a van

van living

Like many in Vancouver, owning a house or condo for Cameron Gray was simply out of the question. But he didn’t like the idea of standard alternatives either – renting an apartment or a laneway house or moving out to the suburbs.

So the 27-year-old musician-turned-entrepreneur, who describes himself as a hermit, was perfectly comfortable with his 55-square-foot solution: living in his 1981 Chevy camper van.

At least, until he came home from work one day to find his home gone, towed away for being parked too close to a driveway.

The experience prompted Mr. Gray to delve even further into offbeat options for housing, an effort, he says, to “hack” the housing market and stay true to his aversion to debt.

“People are throwing their lives away to pay for housing,” he said.

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