We Are The Tiny House People


This weekend I had the opportunity to be a featured speaker at the Dayton Mini Jam. A regional (and scaled down) version of the Tiny House Jamboree scheduled for August 7-9 in Colorado Springs, CO, the Mini Jam seemed to be a successful version of what could very well be a recurring event in regions around the country. Sponsored by EcoCabins — a manufactured home builder specializing in tiny houses, cabins, cottages, and modular homes — the event was billed as a tiny house event complete with tiny house tours (including the national introduction of the ‘Morrison 24‘ based on Andrew and Gabriella Morrison’s hOMe) and speakers designed to introduce Ohio to the tiny house lifestyle. I presented my ‘Tiny House 101: the history of small digs’ as well as participated in a few round table discussions and a slew of one-on-ones. All that aside though what I did was participate in a weekend of fielding legal questions, grinning through human poop jokes, and watching couples argue over whose clothes could stay and whose had to go if they were to go tiny. It was a comical time to say the least but one that also made me realize the American Dream ethos may be stronger than ever and the time is now to reemphasize the cautions of real estate bubbles and unrealistic and unsustainable lifestyle choices.

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