Western Exposure: Living Small


Last month, our friend Russ drove 3,000 miles to Midland, Michigan to retrieve what he intends to make his next home.

It’s a 1972 Airstream Land Yacht Safari. Over time, Russ plans on gutting what’s left of the Airstream’s original interior and completely rebuilding it, thus turning his trailer into a “tiny house”. Eventually he’ll sell his current home, as well as most of its contents, and live comfortably in his little home on wheels.

The tiny house movement isn’t new, but it’s gaining steam. It’s a natural reaction to our increasingly cluttered and expensive lifestyles, which encourages us to buy larger homes to house smaller families. We need more stuff to fill those homes and more mechanized toys to park outside of them. The most American of holidays, Thanksgiving, has evolved into a gut-and-door-busting celebration of gluttony and mindless consumerism.

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