What it’s really like to live in a tiny house

Alek's tiny house

Recently, writer Lauren Modery took to the Internet with an open letter: “Dear People Who Live in Fancy Tiny Houses.” She asked tiny homeowners irreverent (and hilarious) questions about small space living—the kind of questions that we larger-space dwellers may have had, but were too afraid to ask.

Here at Sunset, we know a thing or two about tiny houses. So we sat down with two of our favorite tiny homeowners—Alek Lisefski and Vina Lustado—to learn the answers to Lauren’s burning questions. Alek, a web designer, lives in a 240-square-foot house in Sebastopol, CA with his Shiba Inu. Vina, a designer, lives in a 220-square-foot house in Ojai, CA. Her husband lives in another small cabin on their property.

Read the answers here

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