Wohnwagon – An Eco-Friendly Tiny House from Austria


Created by manufacturers based in Austrian, the Wohnwagon (translated as Living Wagon) is an environmentally friendly tiny house on wheels that boasts an array of eco-credentials. The house has been designed by a small company, also called Wohnwagon, in Vienna.

The rounded frame of the house is clad with larch, giving it a sense of charm and quirkiness. The wood, as well components of the construction, have been sourced locally and/or made from recycled materials. There roof is finished with a green roof that allows them to retain water run-off, help to reduce water load on local drains (every little helps).

The green roof acts as an insulator, keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer. The walls are also insulated with sheep’s wool – another natural resource that was available locally. The windows are triple glazed to help reduce heat loss and improve sound insulation.

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