Worcester contractor takes on ‘Tiny House’ challenge

Worcester tiny house

Two people. Two cats. Two hundred square feet. That is the first challenge. The second: build it within a week.

Thanks to his previous work with ABC’s “Extreme Home Makeover,” Charbel Najem and Capstone General Contracting got the opportunity to build a tiny house as part of FYI Network’s show, “Tiny House Nation.”

“We were on ‘Extreme Home Makeover’ in 2011, and the project manager, Calvin Collins, is the producer of ‘Tiny House Nation,’ ” Najem said. “We stayed in touch, and he asked me if we were interested in doing a tiny house, which of course, we were. We love a challenge.”

Najem said it was his first experience building a tiny house. “Previously, the smallest house I had ever built was 730 square feet, where we tore down a dilapidated old house and built a new one in its place.”

The home Najem built for Liam and Lauren Hailey will be featured in Monday night’s episode of “Tiny House Nation.” This is the second home from Central Massachusetts featured on the show; the episode with Francis Camosse’s 180-square-foot house in Charlton aired in August 2014.

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